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vívosmart® 3

June 4, 2017

Smart Activity Tracker¹ with Wrist-based Heart Rate¹ and Fitness Monitoring Tools 

  • Incorporates wellness checking apparatuses, for example, VO2 max, wellness age and quality preparing 
  • Screen well being with throughout the day push following and the unwinding based breathing clock 
  • all day, every day heart rate observing with Elevate™ wrist heart rate innovation 
  • Tracks steps, floors climbed, calories consumed, force minutes, rest and the sky is the limit from there 
  • Ok to swim and showering² 
  • Battery life: up to 5 days³

Your action tracker doesn't characterize you, yet what you do with it positively can. That is the reason vívosmart 3 includes a watchful yet alluring profile to enable it to fit appropriate in with any form, and its brilliant elements keep you on your toes. Track action, screen your heart rate, get keen notifications4, and even get to point by point wellness observing instruments, for example, VO2 max assess and your wellness age. 

Your feeling of style is remarkably you. Let vívosmart 3 supplement that style without attempting to eclipse it. Including a thin, subtle band, vívosmart 3 is as hip as anything in your storage room. Far superior, it's an ace of nuance. The tracker's concealed show is just noticeable when you need it to be. When you're not utilizing it, it vanishes into the gadget. It's the ideal buddy for the workplace, the exercise center, the pool and wherever in the middle. 

On account of Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology¹, vívosmart 3 movement tracker is loaded with incredible elements that let you show signs of improvement thought of your present wellness level. For instance, it's our first committed action tracker to offer VO2 max gauge. It can even gauge your wellness age, which you might have the capacity to diminish after some time with diligent work and standard exercise. 

vívosmart 3 tracks heart rate changeability (HRV), which is utilized to compute and show your anxiety level. You can take a gander at this diagram ideal on your gadget at whatever time you're sitting or very still. At the point when the level begins to climb, it shows that your anxiety is getting higher. What causes this? Any number of physical or passionate outside sources. vívosmart 3 causes you perceive when this is going on so you can figure out how to diminish the worry, for instance, by utilizing the unwinding based breathing clock, incorporated ideal with the anxiety gadget. In view of the Fourfold breathing system, it offers a 1 to 5 minute guided breathing activity.

vívosmart 3 movement following abilities incorporate strides, floors climbed, calories consumed, power minutes and the sky is the limit from there. Move IQ™ naturally distinguishes activities, for example, strolling, swimming, cycling and curved preparing. It can likewise naturally begin a planned walk or run movement. So you're allowed to get up, go ahead, and let vívosmart 3 catch your dynamic life. As usual, you can survey your exercises later on Garmin Connect™, our online group. 

Rec center rats, cheer. We're adding a sidekick to your exercise — or all the more particularly, a partner that is incredible at keeping check. When you begin a quality preparing movement on vívosmart 3, the gadget will catch your activities, reps and sets alongside your work and rest times so you can leave the note pad at home. That information gets pushed to Garmin Connect amid your next adjust so you can audit your exercise in considerably more prominent detail. 

To enable keep to up with your bustling way of life, you can see messages, instant messages and interpersonal organization notices appropriate on your wrist. Different components that assistance you remain connected with life incorporate programmed transfers to Garmin Connect and similarity with TrueUp™, which gives you a chance to synchronize numerous action trackers. The capacity to discover your telephone and music controls are likewise accessible comfortable wrist. 

Watching out for your exercises and accomplishments is simple. vívosmart 3 movement tracker naturally adjusts to Garmin Connect, our online group where you can audit your advance, join challenges and even offer by means of web-based social networking. Garmin Connect is free and accessible on the web or on your cell phone with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile application.


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